Camming Live with Manyvids

If you missed the days I would, torment, tease, dance, and quite frankly give you way to match for to little.

They are half back in the sense that I will be popping on MV Live as I please doing what I like to do. You will find your lovely Goddess under the name Empressk on manyvids. This is not about making you happy but you making me happy. I plan on doing live cock rates, SPH, you watching me game, maybe listen in to my phone line calls.

There many be raffles, giveaways etc but don’t count on it. Just enjoy being able to chat with your goddess, keep a smile on my face and spend generously. I will be on for at least an hour August 10 or August 11th maybe both. My twitter and snapchat will have the most recent information.

Join in here