The Perfect Goddess for you – Sensual, Cruel, mindf%$ker

Every domme is different, just like every sub is different. I do what I naturally like and my style is more sensual, playing mind games, turning guys who were on the verge or just curious about subbing into full blown slaves. I do not have a cruel demeanor, however my mindfucking, intoxing, financial domination and hypno is far sadistic than any physical pain or tasks you may ever imagine.

I always tell guys I do not play nice and I do not play fair. But most subs are lured in with my sweet smile, welcoming demeanor and then realizing they are slowly becoming a fiend for me… I tout FEED Your NEED of ME often because honestly  you just can not help yourself.

Not ready or willing to be put under my spell enjoy occasional sessions with me when you can, but don’t say I  did not warn you – Homewrecking is just around the corner when you’re in my presence.

I engage in many femdom kinks, and other fetishes and usually with a sensual twist. My sensuality can be as simple as me licking my lips or caressing my bare ass. Getting dressed in your favorite lingerie set, without you even noticing you have extended our time three times already.