New to being a Submissive ??!!

Submission can seem like a dark, strange world if you are new to feeling submissive and you start snooping around the internet. If you have just begun to have feelings of submission, this guide will help you get clear on how to begin.

Things To Forget About

What Other People Tell You: Counter intuitive right? Well, the truth is only you can know what really works for you. If someone says, “this is the way has go to be if you are submissive”, then see if it figures into what you would like to experience, but don’t take it as truth. Even this little guide is about helping you get clear, not about telling you how you are supposed to go about this new interest of yours.

Creepy Stuff: If you have had the experience of coming across an image that is a totally repulsive form of submission to you, then forget it. Submission can look like an almost infinite number of scenarios. There is no need for you to wonder why you are not into something that is a turn off to you personally.

That Submission Is Not Normal: I made it part of my life’s goal to make people feel more comfortable with their fetishes, submission and BDSM as a whole.Truth is, everybody has secrets and there are very few people that have a truly “traditional” sex life in their interactions and fantasies. Sometimes half of the fun is trying out something that society says is not okay. Just forget about the idea that there is anything wrong with your tendencies because at lease according to me, they are perfectly natural.

Important to Remeber

Take Care of Your Safety: Playing with someone claiming to be dominant online might lead you down path that might not be your best choice. Be leery of anyone posting pics that look fake (outdated or stolen photos are tip-offs). Do not give out your personal information because blackmail can be bit of an issue in the d/s community. If you want to be extra cautious, you can consider using a prepaid credit card that you can add cash to (example: Vanilla Prepaid).

Make Sure She is Real: Take steps to verify that the person is who she says she is so you do not end up corresponding with some dude pretending to be a hot Domme. None of this is meant to scare you. I just want you to have the info so you can be better informed. Here is an article I wrote on how to tell if your online Dominatrix is real – Read the article here.

Find An Exciting Match: Keep looking until you find a woman that inspires your submissive side. Feeling a connection is important through phone or cam sessions and even through videos or photos. Be on the lookout for someone who starts to melt you and you have a sense could take you on a very pleasurable, uncharted, fantastical journey. If you are already feeling like you cannot resist, that is a great start.

Ask yourself these Questions and Keep them in mind when approaching a Domme for any interaction.

Where would I like this exploration of my submissive side to go?
What would I like to experience with a dominant woman?
What is my next step?