Mesmerizing your mind, Hypno Fetish


Hypnosis as A Fetish, What is it ?


The hypno fetish falls under an umbrella of terms the more common terms are mentioned below and while most can be used interchangeable some are not.

  • Erotic Hypnosis
  • Hypnofile
  • Mind Control or Mindcontrol
  • Hypno Contol
  • Brainwashing
  • Mesmerization
  • Trance Control
  • Mindfucking or Mind Fuckery
  • Sissification Hypno Fetish
    and more.

Hypnosis in simple terms is a state of consciousness where you are in an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The key term is suggestion, submissives want to submit even further, or give them domme full control, placing triggers for certain actions or thoughts and so forth. Subs get aroused knowing they can be controlled and go into a deep sub space via erotic mental power of suggestion.



 Our minds are extremely powerful and sometimes hold some much buried information, thoughts, wants, desires and more. Sometimes an hypnosis session can be simply unlocking your true thoughts you were trying to bury deep, those thoughts of dressing up frilly, being an human toilet, giving control of your finances to your goddess, all those thoughts of enjoying a dommes feet in more ways then someone else could ever imagine.

Then you have subs who just need that extra push to fully explore being feminized, programmed to send their goddess giftcards weekly or even never touching their genital in a pleasurable way even without a chastity device.

 I absolutely enjoy using my assets – and I’m referring to my mind, charisma, aura and wit in this manner to further your addiction, capitalize on your weakness, address that nagging fetish and submit to me further. I have been doing this my whole life it comes naturally.



Hypno session can be done in person, via cam, or phone and I enjoy what each platform brings but my two favorite are on cam and in person. Most times my voice alone will soothingly induce you but think about having all your senses overloaded into submission a high like no other.


The power of suggestion can work wonders for many people that are into many things, and this includes fetishes, and domination sessions.


Stay tuned to more insight on this fetish and the roots of hypnosis discussing Neuro Linguistic Programming as not all my sessions are strictly fetish related. I have aided individuals with growth in the career, losing weight, and more confidence just to name a few