Financial domination – Worship, gifts & tributes

Empress Katana - Financial Domination

My main specialties usually intertwined because when a sub starts one they can not help but want to experience the others. They start out with a bit of Blackmail roleplay , then noticing they want to treat me to items, then want to just hand over $$$ with nothing in return – Financial Domination.

I do not often if ever broadcast, showcase or boast about my gifts, tributes and pay pets. While I’m quite narcissistic and confident with every reason to be I’m not a super showboat type of person. I do enjoy trinkets, fresh bills luxury as well as small sweet sentiments it’s just not in my nature to show it off much.
I’m a Goddess it’s my right so it should be expected that dolls, dudes, subs and slaves not only pawn over me but want to give me what is rightfully mine cold hard cash, gifts, trips and more.

With so many requests to show off some clip binging, tributes, gifts, some subs paying up to 5x the amount of my normal cam time – I decided this request can be oblige as it is more of the “norm” behavior of a findomme. My first instincts was to tell my subs if you want someone who shows off every few dollars, or little trinket they get then there are a plethora of them to be found especially online.

I notice most of my online subs want me to show the above off the most, they get a sense of attention from me showing them splurging on me, sending gifts, take their whole paycheck for my fun. While the majority of my select in person finsubs are not to concerned about seeing all the benefits I get from their $$$. They do mention how they like to see that other subs are treating me well and sometimes want to out due them. I took this all into consideration and decided Let them EAT Cake (my motto for giving the masses something they want).

I will not promise each and every item will be listed but I can assure you as long as time allows a weekly blurb of finsub fun will be mentioned.

Let’s Start with one of the most popular methods of rinsing subs aside from CASH – Amazon Giftcards! I tell patrons all the time A gift card is just that a gift it is quite rare that I will do a service for an Amazon giftcard. Regardless if you’re just a regular patron or addicted to financial domination the ease of Amazon and discreteness is one of the top tributed methods. I will note it is not my favorite I like $$$ and paid trips 🙂 the most. That is why I have a few sites where you can pay directly to me (including this site) and none of them you have to sign up for and all discreet billing.

You also see a clip order and 2 tributes this was all within a few hours this past Friday morning. Everything but the $55 tribute ( which was for a quick audio only phone call) was purely as a gift. I just did some mini shopping on amazon so to have my giftcard balance right back up to $450 was nice.


I will not deny when an unexpected Amazon giftcard comes through I can not help but smile a small number of subs do not ever tell me they are sending anything do not want credit anything. While others just can not help themselves and have to note it a few times – remember if sending a gift card DO NOT put anything in the note – a treat yourself, enjoy or initial for a pet name I gave you may be allowed.

Want my wishlist or where to send me tributes, gifts or more…. just ask 😉