Are you a Fan, Sub or Slave?

If you have not been keeping up with your goddess then that means you did not know I finally signed up with OnlyFans I have been hearing about it for months now and Finally decided to join in.

So far, it is great for not only myself but you as well. As Domme’s / Adult Entertainers not only get to post various content, videos, pictures, audio files, we can stream live and it’s saved so you get to go back and view it at your leisure. Everything posted is included in the membership price and you can tip you goddess on content as well.

Right now I have it priced at only $13 per month which is a steal!

I have had quite a few patrons ask me Snap or Only Fans? So I made it easy and as long as you are subscribed I  included my Royalite Snap as well. So double overload of Your Truly!!!

Some other surprises as well. The biggest is to see me live stream. Right now I do it Randomly but bi weekly shows will start.

Also, Remember makes it really easy for you to to subscribe it will automatically renew so you will not have to miss out on anything. You can cancel whenever you like as well there is no obligation or contracts but why would you want to cancel from seeing you Goddess Katana.


Adult Entertainer, Social Media Influencer, Artist, or Domme want to sign up do so here 

If you have any questions on how to use it or get started feel free to contact me. I am always open to cross promotion.