Frequently Asked Questions

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions answered by Your Goddess

While I have no problem letting you know that I am a Proud Nation’s Capital native and visit my hometown often. I also will let you know, if any traveling I am doing and or will be a hosting event that is open to the public.

If you have real time pro-domme sessions with me you will know they are based primarily out of the DC,MD.Va area  I am not giving you my current residence of town, street, city etc. You want to buy me a castle I can tell you the locations I would like it built 😉

In a Short Answer NO! While you are free to purchase time to chat. Rather its just everyday chat, femdom / hypno session or ignore get to know me by supporting me. I get really irritated when a random person ask to be my personal slave, if we have not had any conversations, prior sessions then you should know the answer. A better way is to ask what step / what you can do to become my personal sub/slave only after I state im accepting pesonal/subs/slaves.

If I do not have it listed on my Events page, I currently dont have plans to visit for business at least. I travel often for leisure and usually do not do real time sessions during that time. However, I’m always up for a quick cash meet.
If you want me to visit at your city, country where I dont have plans contact me to discuss. Before you contact remember you will cover all travel accommodations expenses including your fee for the session


Nothing given goes unnoticed, and truly apprecitate. However, as a rule of thumb I do not accept gifts for any excahnge of services.

I also do not accept paypal, squarecash, venmo etc. If you want to pay for a service use indiebill ( my payment processor), or one of my cam, phone sites (prices do vary for other sites because of % they give to me. There is always a caveat if you purchase a big ticket item espcially to help me out in my career, computer, software, lights, furniture, toys, costumes. I may offer a thank you gesture once I recieve the item. It is up to me of what the gesture is, as a reminder a gift is just thata gift not tit for tat.

Look at the above and remember I am in nowhere new to being an adult entertainer and only align myself with reputabtile companies. My sweet clients who have pruchased via mysite likes knowing I get the highest percetange out of most adult payment processors. The billing is not obvious on credi card statement and they purchased via a secured website and company.

In Short my life is a preview. I am on so many public sites where you can see me having naughty fun where all members contribute or only some.

I am also on various social media as well as youtube and younow where you can see past videos/broadcats and live ones for regular everyday chat. I have never offered a complimenatry preview and never will. Social media and video previews on my site are your preview.

I am 100% all natural, my shape is due to genetics, eating habits and exercise or lack thereof sometimes. My bust is 36DDD & my hips/butt are approx 51inches.

No judgment zone. Rather it is a lock of hair or old personal item of mine feel free to ask. You never know right! However, the answer is no to any escort, or video appareances for non online adult entertainer’s.

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