Rather you want me in your dream outfit, humiliating you personally, Playing out That Taboo fantasy you always dreamed, Hypnosis catered to you most inner desire, A sensual tease or mindfuck strip tease, Roleplay or supernatural and everything in between.

Your Fantasy Bill

On average most customs are between  $8-$12 per min. This all depends on the custom your are requesting.

I have an array of Add on’s and For my most loyal Custom Clients make sure you sign up to my newsletter to recieve exclusive promotions.

Add on’s

$15 Name fee (have you name said as little or as many times as you want)

$50+ detailed script  (word for word detailed script and or actions)

$50 Exclusivity – The video will not be available for purchase by others, download, or distribution. ( Tiny portions may be used for promotional purposes only)

$10 – $75 Fee for any very specific items that I may not own or food messy shows

$10 Green Screen
$20+ For special Effects

  • i.e food for sploshing, oil/baby powder, other substances used in large quantities etc for messy shows


Where can I film

Customs Are primarily filmed in my home or one of my filming locations which are apartments but I like to switch up the scenery.
I can film in semi public places with some advanced notice. Rooftop, Park, gym on occasions.

Who Do I film with

Primarily My videos are solo. For an additional $75 I can include one of my personal beta boys Expect an increase in delivery time.

Delivery Time and How to get custom

Customs delivery time varies on my current filming schedule, Travel and anything else I decide.
As a Standard expect two weeks, unlesss otherwise noted.
A rush fee for 3 day turnaround of $50 may be allowed for some customs.

The quickest and to not put to much hurting on your pockets is to order directly via me. Email me
With what details so I can quote you.