Rather you want me in your dream outfit, humiliating you personally, Playing out That Taboo fantasy you always dreamed, Hypnosis catered to you most inner desire, A sensual tease or mindfuck strip tease, Roleplay or supernatural and everything in between.

Your Fantasy Bill

On average most customs are between  $8-$12 per min. This all depends on the custom your are requesting.

I have an array of Add on’s and For my most loyal Custom Clients make sure you sign up to my newsletter to recieve exclusive promotions.

Add on’s

$15 Name fee – All 30 min customs name fee is complimentary

$50+ detailed script  (word for word detailed script and or actions)

$50 Exclusivity – The video will not be available for purchase by others, download, or distribution. ( Tiny portions may be used for promotional purposes only)

Fee for any very specific items that I may not own or food messy shows

$10 Green Screen
$20+ For special Effects

  • i.e food for sploshing, oil/baby powder, other substances used in large quantities etc for messy shows


Where can I film

Customs Are primarily filmed in my home or one of my filming locations.
I sometimes can film in semi public places with some advanced notice. Rooftop, Park, gym on occasions.

Who Do I film with

Primarily My videos are solo. I usually update via my newsletter and fanclub when I will be filming with others.
For an additional $75 I can include one of my personal beta boys.

Delivery Time and How to get custom

Customs delivery time varies on my current filming schedule, Travel, vacation etc.
As a Standard expect your custom to be delivered within 9-10 days unless otherwise noted.
A rush fee for 3 day turnaround of $50 may be allowed for some customs.

The quickest and to not put to much hurting on your pockets is to order directly via me.
Email me
With what details so I can quote you.