CryptoCurrency – The digital Way to pay

Cyrptocurrency – Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH & more

Use Cryptocurrency to tribute, pay for sessions and invest to give more to your Goddess 🙂

I usually try to explain as simple as possible what cryptocurrency is when people ask me how to get into it? how easy is it to use? Is it safe for adult industry / sex workers? People want all the information but without being overloaded. So, I 86’ed my small crypto guide to cover the details without making it feel like you have to be a tech expert to understand. With the help of blockgeeks information which seems to be the best site with thorough information for beginners and long term cryptocurrency lovers.

This is heavily adobted from focusing on the digital coin that started it all.

What is Cryptocurrnecy?

Simply limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. Which is how all currency is defined.

Your money in your account right now: is  than entries in a database that can only be changed under specific conditions? You can even take physical coins and notes: What are they else than limited entries in a public physical database that can only be changed if you match the condition than you physically own the coins and notes? Money is all about a verified entry in some kind of database of accounts, balances, and transactions.

What is Bitcoin in a nutshell

Bitcoin pioneers wanted to put the seller in charge, eliminate the middleman, cancel interest fees, and make transactions transparent, to hack corruption and cut fees. They created a decentralized system, where you could control your funds and know what was going on.Who would have thought Bitcoin was going to come so far so quick used worldwide in many store as well as Websites. Their are dedicated  publications , forums and communites to discuss not only bitcoin but all cryptocurrency as well from investing, trading and just general information.


Problems with Cryptocurrency

Problems include thieves hacking accounts, high volatility, and transaction delays. On the other hand, people in third world countries may find Bitcoin their most reliable channel yet for giving or receiving money.

I Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin & ETH for cryptocurrency tributes and payments for session, videos etc.

I personally invest in other coins / digital tokens but do not accept those as payment.

Want to mine cryptocurrency for me its really easy all you have to do is open a webpage. I will share that with you soon.