ASMR Positive Reinforcement for Subs and Fart Fetish Videos Released

Videos Released Week of Jan.27 2019

I know my videos vary so widely at times. It’s because I truly love exploring fetishes and having people feel comfortable exploring ones kink. As much as I love keeping men beneath me and spending I understand there are many men who are not submissive. Many individuals who just have fetishes. So, In addition to my Femdom related content I also release fetish with no domination or humilation  content. I really do enjoy doing both. That does not mean I haven’t turned many vanilla men into subs because really how could they not enjoy a Black BBW Domme like myself.

Here is a snippet of the videos released last week. My ASMR Videos are quite popular and I will be building my content in that arena over the next few weeks. If you don’t know by now I am a very gassy goddess and love getting paid to burp and fart. I been filming my farts more. Real Farts randomly when they occur. As I’m typing this I just farted 3 times, my fart fetish lovers wish they where here to inhale all my gas. 😉

Don’t worry go get some of my fart videos my new fart compile as featured below has at least 4 or more farts Enjoy!!

ASMR – Happy to serve Me

You know you will feel the best when you serve me. Listen as I put these soothing reminders of how good it feels to serve me. You are always at your best when your devoting to me this is a short and enjoyable reminder.
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Fart Diary 1.31.19

I filmed 4 farts of course I was gassy and had more but what’s a goddess to do when my phone or camera isn’t near me to film. The farts are filmed in weird angles for some as I was lying down and trying to record while holding my phone you do get to hear them clearly though. I tell you a bit about what I ate and me being gassy in general. I do diaries like this a week at a time on snapchat for some fart lovers and thought I would start making more videos. I want to know which one was you fav and why? All Real Farts 2nd one is my fav 😉